Fell Township

Established in 1845, Fell Township is located in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. North of the City of Carbondale.

Fell Township’s principal settlement is Simpson. The upper part of Carbondale’s West Side is actually in the southwestern corner of the township. This area is geographically separate from other settlements in Fell Township. The other settlements in Fell Township are the residential communities of Crystal Lake and Richmondale.

The original house in Simpson was the Morss Mansion on Lord Avenue, built in 1887. The house inspiredĀ Hank Williams‘ song “Mansion on the Hill”. By 1974, the mansion was empty, and title of it and the surrounding property fell in the hands of the local volunteer fire company. Due to lack of maintenance, the mansion was in disrepair by the 1990s, and despite public outcry, the mansion was, tragically, torn down in the summer of 1998. The Grattan-Singer Hose Company then built a new fire house on the property.

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